April 2006

rosie o'donnell's flickr stream. don't know nothing about it…could be her, could be just a well-organized fan with a lot of her pics.

terror alert colour co-ordination map for your wardrobe.

smoking pot is pretty much no longer criminal in canada. and now, for the other side of this north american NAFTA/naphtha samwich, mexico decriminalizes possession of small amounts of just about anything. the american drug tsar wants guns….lots and lots of guns.

cognitive dissonnance cubed. is this what we call post-modern post-structuralism? or is it just post-7/11?

catchy tune.

How (3) I (1) wish (4) I (1) could (5) enumerate (9) pi (2) easily (6)!
(I know someone who knows the mantissa to a couple hundred places.)

awesome fark thread.

war is indecent.

speaking of cartoonishness…azn massif reprezenn: anime peanuts.

A Strange Day. drawrinz by the ever-wonderful Tatiana Gill. alternate purchasing source.

my BestStreams.notlong.com list updated again.

i *heart* wonder showzen.

yeah, right. it's still too full of unintelligible jargon. i'm so gonna start a "quantum mechanics explained explained" page.

extreme lan party:

extreme lan party

hormones, hormones everywhere, and–perhaps with the exception of that one set of pigtails, and that one ponytail–not a drop of estrogen.

on a VERY related note

no, mutual-LAN-strokers, you're not even half a notch less uncool than the D&D crowd sword-circle-jerk. if LAN parties had a must-be-brought-in-by-actually-female-girlfriend-or-reasonably-façonnable-fella requirement…well, then, we wouldn't have any LAN parties, would we?

all right, i should stop hating on those unfortunate souls who have never managed to hack past the Basic.Visual.Social Firewall and into the Estrogen Mainframe. 'cause it's really simpler and easier than you've been lead to believe, my nerdy pasties. maybe O'R*L*Y will come out with some WomanOS In A Nutshell guides to offer you salvation from all that male bondage, er, bonding. someone's in need of some absolution…ok, maybe a shower and some sunshine and less bathing in roomfuls of dirty electricity first.

player-hater out. | ~ O

the amazing tale of The Harry Potter Vibrating Broomstick For Hours Of Unisex Play. by Mattel.

careful with that static electricity…remember, students have cellphones nowadays. to instantaneously capture…the perfect roundness. 2∏R indeed. may i schedule a conference with your circumference?

//ok, two days’ shortage and stuff’s already going to my head.

when it comes to consistency, she’s good…she’s really really really ridiculously good…

(warning, the YTMND audio tends to be on the raucous side.)

guess whose lips those are:

inflated as early as 13

still not sure? look…

do you really want to huuuuuurt meeeeee...


...or 14, or 15, or whatever

still not sure? here’s the two scoops of raisins from the NYPost.

the longest scientific-notation number (significand.mantissa * 10exponent) that google calculator does NOT choke on is 1.797693134862316965999999… * 10308, where the number of nines after the 16965 string is ~2000 strong. IE crapped out long before i could reach that number. firefox started crapping out at ~1973 nines in, but managed to spit out up to ~1997 before really putting an end to these shenanigans, you know, lest someone lose some eyesight.

in other words, the smallest scientific-notation number that google calculator chokes on is 1.7976931348623169660000… * 10308.

which is ~143.01605…143.01605…

that is all. please drive through.

The United States Constitution.

Void where prohibited by law.

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