extreme lan party:

extreme lan party

hormones, hormones everywhere, and–perhaps with the exception of that one set of pigtails, and that one ponytail–not a drop of estrogen.

on a VERY related note

no, mutual-LAN-strokers, you're not even half a notch less uncool than the D&D crowd sword-circle-jerk. if LAN parties had a must-be-brought-in-by-actually-female-girlfriend-or-reasonably-façonnable-fella requirement…well, then, we wouldn't have any LAN parties, would we?

all right, i should stop hating on those unfortunate souls who have never managed to hack past the Basic.Visual.Social Firewall and into the Estrogen Mainframe. 'cause it's really simpler and easier than you've been lead to believe, my nerdy pasties. maybe O'R*L*Y will come out with some WomanOS In A Nutshell guides to offer you salvation from all that male bondage, er, bonding. someone's in need of some absolution…ok, maybe a shower and some sunshine and less bathing in roomfuls of dirty electricity first.

player-hater out. | ~ O