May 2006

inside os x Terminal window, typing this:

theserver:~ me$ defaults write -g AppleICUTimeFormatStrings -dict-add 2 "d MMMM y, HH':'mm':'ss z"

theserver:~ me$ killall SystemUIServer

…gets you this:

Tue 30 May 2006, 18:16 PDT

i prefer PST to PDT, so i'll prolly get rid of the wee 'z'.  btw, do not do 'Z' or 'ZZ' or 'ZZZ'.  bad things happen.

not mine, baby

i do wonder what the designers of this photographic shot/shoot think about the average size of the targetted male gamers'…um…implements.  no, gentlemen, morgan webb is not a swedish pump…she might appear to be magical, but she's not a miracle-worker.

i try not to even acknowledge this tripe, but if you've ever doubted the socio-cultural significance of American Idol–doubt no more.  on 24 may 2006, A.I. (not to be confused with artificial intelligence) garnered more votes than any president ever elected.

is that the four horsemen of the apocalypse i see over the horizon?  well, here's one of 'em:

drunken master

cops in hot pursuit, construction zones, cruisers, concrete, attempted thefts of Good Samaritans' cars, bitchy karma, and a complete replacement of a road section, oh my!

associated visual pun:

and from a final-word post on fark of the classic (but photoshopped appropriately for the occasion) fark cliché by jrsyman (2006-05-25 02:15:22 AM):

I did it!  Finally, despite best efforts to prevent it, I have slipped down into the dark side.  I now officially have over 100 Firefox tabs open.  Thank goodness that memory-sieve SessionSaver has been uninstalled and TabMixPlus has taken its place as my tab manager of choice.  Now the whole thing is only moderately untenable, though it still dumps buckets of memory out.  Currently sitting at 417MB or RAM taken up by FF.  

sting operation

from a 2006-05-20 10:38:28 PM fark PS contest post by mitochondria


a 258


a 269


a 272

temperature was high. took many snaps.

i’m no fan of baseball, but this is great:

my comment to these fans:

also, the attendee who caught the 714th ball during another game, Tyler Snyder, weighs in.

"What the president has said all along is that he wants to make sure that people who become American citizens have a command of the English language."

Please define "irony".  For bonus marks, please define "tribal sovereignty".


dress as your favourite Tim Burton character.  'nuff said.

(UPDATE: the party’s all done. some pics.)

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