Moonshine aka 6 Acres (located directly behind the statue of the o.g. hooch-slinger 'Gassy' Jack, in Gastown) is the awesomest relaxed food experience i've had recently. the food was incredible—i swear between the three of us we sampled the entire menu, and not a single thing was mediocre. the bathrooms were so fabulous we wanted to lift them whole and have them replace our own at home. the whole evening was perfect. i cannot say enough good things about this tapas pad. thank you, Moonshine.


oh, and à propos… fuck you, BC Liquor Control Board.

Vancouver, the beautiful seductress/lotus-wallflower, deserves its designation as No Fun City. prudish friggin' N.I.M.B.Y. prigs. you'll get yours when your insane property taxes have to cover Gordo's olympic—nay, herculean—projects awarded to his power cronies.

i'm sorry, but i'm so mad at this rampant cronyism and bullshit, that every little thing sets me off. anyway, back to the BC Liquor Control Board…fuck you, you bureaucratic machine and fuck your mouthpiece. there, i said it.