yoga pants–despite being overexposed and dumpified, the "butt-bra" is still hawt on the right ass.

genie/gaucho pants–ok, depending.

capris–still hawt.

aviator shades–cute, but a bit of a crutch for the insecure. kinda like macs.

underarm purse (or worse yet, giant underarm yoga bag pretending to be a purse)–puke.

knee-length spandex tights under a denim skirt–vaginal booger/blood-fart puke/shart.

camel toe–still a double-or-nothing bet…if hot–doublehot. if not–double not.

…oh yes, and flippy skirts of any length (though naturally the shorter the better) will never die.  hallelu-jah to that.

anyway, i *heart* American Apparel's website's women's section

that is all.