SOLOS is short for Safe OnLine Outreach Society.  It's a portal for parents, youth, and "professionals"–all about online safety for kids.  Fair enough, worthy cause, no one can argue with making sure kids are safe and that they grow into intelligent, discerning adults who aren't ignorant about the world around them and who have well-developed critical faculties.

The portal links for different groups have different drawings.  For various reasons, they give pause.

The icon for the Parents link is cute, if button-pushing:

boogie woogie 

Professionals (as opposed to Amateurs?) seem to have the balance tipped in a classic question of what is vs. what ought to be:

priorities, priorities...

The (sonic?) Youth icon has much passion extracted from/injected into the flickering box (should probably update that with an LCD flat-screen monitor), and the (tuning-key?)board & tray looks like it was made by Stratocaster:


Click the pick above to see this taken to its logical conclusion.  And, lest you think the ghee-tar imagery ends there, I direct you to the site's Kim Gordon-like guitar SOLOS main logo:

no stairway to heaven 

I like to imagine things that aren't really there.  I like drawrinz. 

homo-rock   liz phair's favorite

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