i waste egregious amounts of time parsing so you don't have to.  enjoy.

goalie goal

compilation of goodies

now that's just goofy

le jeu vient en premier


and now, for some real m4d skillz:

soccer sitting down.  and i don't mean on a couch or down the pub, watching the world cup, playing soccer vicariously over a proscribed liquid-bread beverage.

i don't got game like she's got game.  i doubt i ever will.  nor will the lot of you.

what is this magical sticky shoe compound that turns soccer balls into giant non-bouncy foot-bags?  can you see the strings?  watch closely.  oh, that's right, snap!–there are none.

traffic cones, the lot of 'em

mr. woo–on a not unrelated note, how come you never see the harlem globetrotters play in the NBA?


and last but not least (actually, i would say this is a case of best-left-for-last):

jhana, not joga. 

quick!  wiki-wiki!  read this wikipedia entry for chinlone, then view the clips on the Mystic Ball documentary site.  1500 years of this stuff, and england is all haughty about making a field and inventing some straightforward rules for it.  i think calling this "freestyle soccer" is just wrong.  in terms of breakneck skill, what parkour is to cross-country running, chinlone is to soccer.  beautiful game, my ass…this is like watching the sports version of baraka.  

methinks watching the world cup is going to be a little anticlimactic now that this stuff is etched in my psyche.  you rule, Burma!  well, except for that oppressive bitch of a military junta thang, and that little Burmese Way To Socialism thang–btw, that socialism word you keep using…i do not think it means what you think it means…Inigo Montoya would like a word with you, military junta, i think you killed his father.  prepare to die. 

what i should have said is that, not unlike in brazil, with its potent mix of extreme poverty (speaking of which) and extreme futsal, your people–your empoverished, crushed people–rule.  with a rattan ball.  too sick.