oat ‘n aboat partying it up on Canada Day weekend…

and now for a bunch of clichés, eh…


……and you should always start all your new acquaintanceships with non-Canadians (esp. Americans) off on the right foot with these:

a couple Canada Day posts on Fark:


2006-07-01 11:16:37 AM sugarlarry
I don’t think of us as “America Jr.”, so much as Lenny and George from “Of Mice and Men”. Canada being George, and the US being Lenny.
“Oh Canada… I gone and dun a baaaaad thing again.” ____________________________

2006-07-01 10:30:44 AM Rufus_T_Firefly
Canadian joke to help with the celebrations:

Q: Why do Canadians only have sex doggy style?

A: So they both can watch the hockey game.

…and on, and on, and on, and on…eh…!!