parents were complaining that, unlike seaside Poland, there are no greasy seaside fish-fry stands in torrance and environs. they want cheap, local, fresh, and fried. maybe with some fries and beer on the side. i was like, no problem, the internets will provide.

3 hours later, i was like, no way, no one talks about any fresh or local catch-du-jour pride.

what? this is insane. i broadened my search to include fish markets. finally, after much digging and getting stuck on local food blogs that verged on pornographic, i accidentally stumbled somewhere on a listing for Captain Kidd’s at the Redondo Beach pier/marina/whatever. the result:

fish was pretty tasty, the fries quite good. one lemon wedge for two plates verges on skimping, but it wasn’t really necessary.

but back to the local fish problem…even at CK’s, there was only maybe one locally caught fish. i mean, here we are, i’m looking right at the ocean, and all the fish in the nice fishy-smellin’ fishmonger joint is from like, Fiji and god knows where else. it seemed all bizarre and post-modern, until we stopped by a nearby Whole Foods, and I asked their Fish Person what is up. of course, the answer was simple and made me feel unimaginative–all the heavy industry and otherwise poluters of the local region make most local fish completely verboten in terms of consumption. this doesn’t seem to stop the local gents of the Español persuasion and their brood from casting off over top of wake-boarders at the Manhattan Beach pier:

and for some reason, splashing around in the local water is deemed ok. i mean, lookit, the waves are purdy nice, no?

man, i don’t want this vacation to end. maybe i’ll go rent Riding Giants to watch with my parents.