this person has tons of imagination… no shame in copying them.

some ideas gathered from a fark thread:
“If you go to a liberal college, go as a soldier, and get a bunch of baby dolls in a bag or something and spray them with red paint or pull their limbs off.”

“Go in regular clothes and tell everyone you’re a striking nudist.”

“Get a bunch of guys together and a girl, go as the Duke lacrosse team.”

“Go to any fundie college as the Easter Bunny on a Cross. Oh wait, they wouldnt have Halowe’en parties anyway.”

“Get a huge white poster board and cut out a big rectangle from the center of it leaving a couple of inches on each side and twice that on the ‘bottom’ edge. Carry it around and go as a Polaroid picture of yoursef. You could jazz it up by writing ‘Summer of ’03!’ or ‘Wish you were here!’ at the bottom and getting some red contact lenses to give yourself red-eye.”

“In college I went as an Etch-A-Sketch. Just get a small whiteboard, some white knobs (I used the tops of medicine bottles), and a red shirt. Hang the whiteboard around your neck, attach the knobs to the shirt below the board, and include a dry-erase marker. People play with the knobs, you draw stuff on the whiteboard with the marker (especially challenging if you try to draw a right-side-up image). Fun to write goofy things about the person using the knobs, find creative ways to erase the board, etc.”

“I’m going as the Flying Spaghetti Monster.”

“Go as a piece of poo. All you need is brown tights, brown fabric “sack” with cutouts for your extremities, and then you glue either store-bought or hand made pieces of corn all over. Voila!”

“Cory Lidle (NY Yankee clothes, aviator hat and sunglasses).”

“I took a blonde wig, a flannel shirt, jeans, converse all stars, a fake shotgun and some fake blood stuff to make my last good costume. I made an entry wound under my chin and a large messy exit wound on the top of the wig. I was Kurt Cobain after the shotgun blast.”

“Be a sexy Anne Frank, sexy Hellen Keller, or a sexy Terry Schiavo.”

“I’m going as the guy my girlfriend is fucking but doesn’t want me to know about.”

now that, dear folks, is fright incarnate.

also, some images from that selfsame thread: