this is driving me nuts nuts, and my google-fu has been vanquished. the following quote sounds like it comes from some old movie:

” we are/’re just like other people… we love to sing, we love to dance… we are/’re human… and sometimes… very human… “

i’m inferring an ‘other’ theme, an outsider making a Shylock-like speech pleading for benevolence and inclusion. KCRW plays it as a filler between tracks.


update: my buddy arthur who is currently riding the bloody, litigion-free, cutting edge of science and medicine in rural Poland went deeper into one of the links i skimmed too fast and produced the source track of the sample, if not the movie itself: Ungodly Fruit by Wax Tailor. You can listen to Wax Tailor’s fantastic full album Tales Of Forgotten Melodies on his/her site (too lazy to go diggin’ ’round people’s crotches).

the movie itself—it’s got to exist—is still at large.