this is absolutely, positively required viewing for OS geeks:






anyway, i love how he slams macs and PCs here (with a tinge of bitterness towards DOS)…in a way we’ve advanced, but in many ways, it’s like we’ve regressed. i don’t recall it being that easy to make 3-column formatting in Word in recent memory…PageMaker, sure, but…


and the dock? the visual history path? the shelf? document link inspector? objective-C? interface builder? automatic drag’n’drop joins? DOS application emulation?? graphics app written in 2 days????


all in year 1992 of our ford on a mere 33 MHz!!! omgwtfbbqNeXT!!!
here is a really good textual play-by-play account by someone more OS-versed than i.


prescient and in some ways ahead of anything out there right now. again, in 1992.