a convo:

2:52 PM   L: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=410930&in_page_id=1770


me: i guess they feel the public opinion currently has more clout than their business partnerships…but yeah, this is pretty huge.

3:09 PM   L: yeah

huge indeed

i have some thoughts on this but i dunno if i can articulate them exactly

maybe later

me: yeah

3:10 PM   L: about how we are making progress on these issues but issues will always plague us because the underlying problems remains that companies are not accountable to anything but the bottom line and therefore will always been screwing us

3:11 PM   me: yup

and the only thing they understand is the loss of the bottom line due to customer revolt.

3:12 PM otherwise, if we’re not vigilant, then we’re being screwed.

3:13 PM   L: yeah

need more ways to fight back too

need more avenues to make change

and more options in general

but lots of good options, real options

not just deciding between the same old shit over and over

me: we live in a world of very few options.

L: do i have coke or pepsi?

NO! not an option!!

3:14 PM   do i want coke or sugar free grapefruit juice


now THAT is an option

me: the only option is to make a stink, and that can be done via word of mouth, or via a newspaper, or via some other loud, vocal lobby that makes you louder than an easily negligible voice of one individual.

3:15 PM   actually, in a world where kids have the option of coke and grapefruit juice, and they’re used to coke, it’d take more than just having the option to have it get even to 50-50.

people like an over-the-top hit of sugar, fat, caffeine, whatever.

3:16 PM   ergo rotten ronnie’s

and coke

L: i think that is just because they don’t know better

me: the advantages of grapefruit juice are more… intangible

L: the more i know about what is good for my body and i know that i feel good when my body does too.. i am now almost totally turned off of junk food

i go to these places that only have junk food and i would rather starve

like what happened yesterday

3:17 PM   i didn’t eat anything except m&m peanuts

me: gut feeling (reinforced by the immediately gratifying hit) easily trumps “knowledge” of something better.

L: it becomes gut

3:18 PM   me: i’m with you. i get pretty rigid about my hatred for those crap foods like twinkies and the like also.

ain’t called JUNK food for nuthin’…but nomenclature alone is often insufficient in making real progress

L: totally man… as i was walking around the gas station and looking at all this stuff.. all i could think of was that i wanted to eat some fresh organic fruit
so sweet and so cold…