even omitting the fact that Dove puts this out…i think this really fun to watch flick somewhat misses the point. humans elevate physical beauty, period.


the fact that they do it on the cheap with photoshop (and the analogue make-up jobs) because real beauties are hard to actually come by is besides the point. and the fact that women’s insecurities are constantly hammered by the pretense that such physical specimens are everywhere and that all the normal people are actually outliers who should shape up and try to belong just a little harder, especially via their progressively emptier wallet–well, i don’t think that they raised this point with this film nearly as vividly as the point that real specimens often underlie the images we superimpose upon them; or that, day to day, we usally operate on images of real things instead of the real things per se. case in point, our perception of someone’s physical attractiveness can often change under subjective circumstances, in any direction, really.  what was i saying… um, yeah, boobies.


in short, i’d hit that image. all over that billboard, baby.