I went to the Da S.O.Veeee!!! show last night (Friday) at the Commodore, and it was CATHARTIC like all get out. Hundreds of hotties, lots of crazy lesbians, tons of the kind of “attitude” (in mode of dress or motion) which I so much miss about downtown, the crowd going NUTS, tons of amazing beats and melodies and in-your-face on-stage attitude.

I wore my hoodie to represent, and it was treating me well in that incognito bandito sort of way. I even wanted to take it off, roll it up, and toss it up onto the stage ’cause she seemed to be missing One Baggy Hoodie. The music was AWESOME. The cover of Pretty Vacant by The Sex Pistols didn’t hurt. And neither did the fact that her DJ preceded her entrance with some mid-90s breakbeat mayhem from SL2 and The Prodigy (the old stuff influential in the jungle scene which then begat drum & bass which then begat lots of other breakbeaty mongrels, not the least of which is the grime subsubsubgenre which da Sov represents). I went embarassingly nuts. The crowd went fashionably nuts. Everyone lost their voice. It was wicked mayhem. Such a fucking good time.

(biggie ups to Kia Kadiri and the rest of the preceding local acts for being so damn world-class… but what the heck was that rock band doing on stage at the begginning of the night? what a weird mismatch of genres, not thematic at all.)

and on a meta note, check out the WARNING: VANDALISM, LOCKDOWN IN EFFECT notice on the wikipedia page about the term CHAV: