March 2007

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somewhere around japan…

well, ok, it’s actually here, just outside Nagasaki:

featuring, among other amenities, the Stairway To Hell:

Stairway To Hell

move over, Sealand.

no waves? make your own:



better still:

…and, on a more acoustic note, out of the frickin’ ballpark (this one will HURT; also, there is no Santa; also, there is no God):

by comparison, this seems relatively lighthearted:

these two disparate ones go together in a way…

first, watch this for the true definition of what is truly underground:

and then get a nice smack to the back head by this nice trucker-cap-sporting fellow who’s doing a cooler hipster equivalent of NAS’ declaration of the death of hiphop:

no matter—a rockin’ tune with wicked beats.

i missed this the first time around… genius:

and a great response:

related, via here:

learn something new every day… from

Of Jewish ancestry on his father’s side, he was raised a Roman Catholic and later viewed himself as an atheist “for moral reasons”. After finishing his studies, medical studies at the Jagiellonian University, Lem failed his last exam on purpose because he refused to give answers according to the ideology of Lyssenkoism. This also prevented him from becoming a military doctor. Instead, he had to work as a research assistant in a scientific institution where he started to write stories in his spare time.

Lyssenkoism, wtf.

Lem FTW.

a little stilted, but gets the job done.

Meet Linux (.mpg) (.ogg)


New Duds (.mpg) (.ogg)


Running Linux (.mpg) (.ogg)

kuba, you gotta do this when flossin’ up and down in your 5-series with the kids in the back:

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