Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

before the Assignors of Canadian Postal Codes were aware of 1337-speak nuances, this postal code was assigned to the infinite void of Delta, the most musky of Lower Mainland municipalities:


(click your mousey mouse on the pic to enlarge.)

with the neatly-trimmed, triangular Boundary Bay Airport butting up against it, and surrounded by such poetic place names as Lulu Island, Tilbury Island, Barber Island, L’Isle De Jambon De L’Ouest (Westham Island), Watershed Park, and Mud Bay, it is essentially just Burns Bog with its ever-smoky, fragrant je ne sais quoi.

curiously, it is also the permanent residence to Johnson Industries, a logging company, among others:


check this out: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2007/03/suggest-better-translation.html

google is counting on the benevolence of the online user “community” to help the machines out with the arguably insanely difficult task of automated language translation.

for lack of a better term, a “community” here will have to be used here to describe not an existing, already-defined group of people, but rather a group that could easily form—against, or, like with wikipedia, largely for—based on this single attribute of “googleWillGetMyHelpTranslatingStuff:true|false”.

when you go to the translate(.google.com)’d version of a site like, say, CNN, you can take their Си-эн-эн Интернэшнл (Cee-En-En Eenterneshenl) and advise them they should instead have it translated into something like Си-эн-эн международные (Cee-En-En Myezhdoonarodnihyeh). that is, if you felt inclined to help your fellow brain in a vat, or the googleVat-self.


step 1: hover over the potentially “offending” text.



step 2: click on Suggest a better translation



step 3: confirm the discrepancy with google’s own and apply whatever changes you see fit.



step 4: (click) Contribute


step 5: …


step 6: PROFIT???