Friday, June 1st, 2007

depending on the fontface you use, this is how people perceive you:

i am a lover of Verdana, particularly the way it looks when it’s small.  in fact, i wish it scaled up instead of just morphing into a totally different font somewhere around 10pt.

but i digress.  Verdana didn’t fare so well in this study.  people seem to perceive its unseen users as dull.  but, like me, before you despair that people don’t perceive you as the person you think you are, note that these same 561 people picked Times New Roman as the best font for all things webtext.  so, YMMV.

what next?  Coca-Cola invented the fat red Santa?


anyway, it appears that the issue of conflict diamonds is irrelevant.  there are bigger fish to fry.  like the entire idea of these abundant (and cheaply mined) rocks.