Tuesday, June 5th, 2007


first, in the background, put on some Black Mirror by Arcade Fire (or just SomaFM‘s IndiePopRocks channel to set a general indie rock mood), and then read this woeful tale of indie darling/pop-star/hipster hissy fitness:

Missing: 1 star-marked basketball.

another piece of evidence in support of the theory that sometimes it’s not so good to meet the artist behind the art, because, well, they’re just normal jerks like the rest of us. just gimme the art, Oh! Great! Channeller!, and maybe my basketball back. less talk, more rock, ktnxbai.

(via the great channeller mookie who’s actually worth meeting)

and already, a catty caturday lolarcadefire response via Tyler:

start with a hacked up game, lay a voiceover over it, and the result is the funniest 20 minutes in recent memory (aka EV4R):

use this as a way of testing your attention span.  you still have one, don’t you?

sound is a little sketchy, so you best turn it up:

a preview of a full show to come out later.