Here is the recipe for Martin’s Cool Mocha (cool in temperature, not so sure about its “hipness” factor).



You’ll need:


An espresso machine (I use a crappy but sturdy Hamilton Beach one I bought for US$60 from Target)


Organic espresso—either Coloiera from any JJ Bean location or Origins Medium from Café Petit Ami on Granville Island (either way, I think they use the same grinder, so ask for Grind Setting #2 and ignore all other questions they ask about what kind of machine you got… number 2 is number 2 is number 2)


Lactose-free milk, 2% (such as Safeway’s Lucerne or Parmalat’s LactAid)


Two Lindt D’Or chocolate spheres (as dark a kind as you can stand) or roughly as much of a quantity of chocolate chips as of espresso powder.  I am currently trying out Callebaut chocolate chips, and though they don’t have the coconut oil (the secret sauce in Lindt D’Or), they also don’t have all that weird emulsifier crap.




You should:


Make two shots of espresso.

Pour the espresso shots over the two chocolate spheres.

Mix until the chocolate’s dissolved.

Pour cool milk in to taste.