call me a neophile, but I can’t stand music I’ve heard before. well,
OK, in small doses. here, then, is a definitive list of la crème of the crop in my wheaties.

( for the lazies: i even wrapped up the list below all into a single
playlist file for ya… right-click on short_list2.doc, save the document somewhere on your harddrive, rename its extension from “.doc” to “.pls”, then open it with Winamp or iTunes: short_list2.doc )


this is the station I almost never change: — eclectic/everything NPR/PRI-affiliate from Santa Monica
College. it even has Harry Shearer’s LeShow on Sundays at 10am PST,
and I think CarTalk is in there somewhere, as well. most importantly, though, their music stream just cannot be beat. cleans house and takes names, bruvva.

when I do change stations, I go here: — eclectic RFI-affiliate de Paris, ouais ouais — eclectic community station out of New Jersey, lots of
experimental music — funk, soul, hip-hop outta somewhere — UCIrvine college station, eclectic — deep techno (Russia) — mostly jazz, outta Columbia U — especially IndiePopRocks, SpaceStationSoma, SecretAgent, Cliqhop, DroneZone, and sometimes even Doomed (all outta South of Market, SF) — Loyola Marymount out of L.A., influential cult station… you ever heard of Beck? — CalState Long Beach jazz station — UBC station, more eclectic awesomeness — eclectic awesomeness (Seattle) — fat hip-hop all night long — eclectic community station out of Vancouver’s
Downtown Eastside

and i wake up in the morning to one of these (non-mp3 online streams): — current affairs — classical and BraveNewWaves @ midnight aka — hot new independent music

NEW ADDITIONS: — commercial-free dance beats; a lot of modern stuff in the style of Erik Prydz, but also a lot of retro rave stuff from the early and mid-90s… really upbeat, good stuff. — it’s got REALLY ANNOYING COMMERCIALS, but might be of interest to all the young wannabe “punk” whippersnappers (who missed the real thing the first time around) as well as to all the creaky, old nostalgiacs reliving with the marrow of their rattling bones their punky, gothy, “alternative” young, “best”, Anne-Rice years. — boeen listening to a lot of dub, roots rock reggae and original ska lately

and this list doesn’t even include podcasts i listen to on the bus and at work. terrestrial
radio? the who and the what now?