the players in the NBA have little over your average taiwanese arcade junkie:

…just like the top stars of soccer have nothing on burma’s chinlone players:

yes, i know, it’s an ms paint hacky hack. i have zero photoshop skills, ok? and such urgent ideas don’t want to wait for me to get over the arguably steep PS learning curve…so while you wait for the professionally done version (to replace this one over the next day or two, kindly done by the ever-brill SadistiK-sama), here’s the gist of what’s in my head:

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the joke can only work if you’re a fan of Wes Anderson movies…

…aaaaaaand, after 3 sleepless hours long, hard, and deep into the night, SadistiK comes through again and produces the following for me (i’m so taking you out for all-you-can-eat sushi, dude):

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or sans logos:

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“beckenbauer? hahahaha…whoa.”

ah, the memories of childhood.