The hideousness of what we’re doing to ourselves is really on a spectacular scale.

Some quick reading about the gyre:

Glass or metal containers, please.

the players in the NBA have little over your average taiwanese arcade junkie:

…just like the top stars of soccer have nothing on burma’s chinlone players:

check this out:

google is counting on the benevolence of the online user “community” to help the machines out with the arguably insanely difficult task of automated language translation.

for lack of a better term, a “community” here will have to be used here to describe not an existing, already-defined group of people, but rather a group that could easily form—against, or, like with wikipedia, largely for—based on this single attribute of “googleWillGetMyHelpTranslatingStuff:true|false”.

when you go to the translate(’d version of a site like, say, CNN, you can take their Си-эн-эн Интернэшнл (Cee-En-En Eenterneshenl) and advise them they should instead have it translated into something like Си-эн-эн международные (Cee-En-En Myezhdoonarodnihyeh). that is, if you felt inclined to help your fellow brain in a vat, or the googleVat-self.


step 1: hover over the potentially “offending” text.



step 2: click on Suggest a better translation



step 3: confirm the discrepancy with google’s own and apply whatever changes you see fit.



step 4: (click) Contribute


step 5: …


step 6: PROFIT???