bookmark for all your upcoming Vancouver party needs.

you can just drag that link up to your Links bar in your browser, et voilà! or click this button:

(longer explanation: the ever awful and garish MySpace seems to have just one forté, which is being able to preview independent audio artists’ stuff; meanwhile, Facebook, awful though it is, seems to be decent at event roll calls… decent, that is, except for my actually viewing ALL the events that a particular friend of mine is attending. which is lame. same goes the other way. so with all the events i’m DEFINITELY attending, i export them to an .ICS file, then import it into a public calendar i created inside my Google Calendar web app. which gives me a hideous non-mnemonic URL. which i TinyURL’d, and then pasted into this post so that the post itself can direct people to the public calendar of events Martin is attending. don’t call it a solution–call it a workaround.)

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