September 2006

best thing since Sandwiches:


even if, instead of being like in Blade Runner, they’re more like this:

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adriana lima unavailable for comment:

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just another day on teh hot male-on-male chat channels on the great wide internets…

remember kids, it’s not the gayness, or that the target was mid-to-upper teens (oh noes!!1!1!! EVERYBODY PANIC!!1!!!1!!!), or that someone his age could get such young tail while in a position of power (which sure makes the blood of envy boil).

no, the crux here is what he stood for and the laws he enforced.   karmic payback’s a bitch, innit?

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i have my reasons… and no, i am not this fellow:


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move over cinema vérité and hustler magazine…you can’t step to The Book.

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safe for work? mostly…but not so much if you click on the picture…

suddenly, i’m reminded: Master W., i still gotta take you out someplace fancy for that all you can eat sashimi…with release, of course.

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