November 2006

speaking of emo…

sucking down my 4th or 5th Liquid Consciousness (triple-shot iced-mocha) over the last 30+ hours spent in this diseased computer lab, and hearing my palpitating heart booming in my ears, i got to thinking: if i had a heart attack during a final, i’m sure the student body would benefit from the at least one departmental meeting on the matter of student stress that would result from such an unusual way to go.

we need more dead students.

a repeat of a classic for a certain emo i know who–GASP!!–has never seen this.


“whyyyyyy did you haaaaave to dooooo this to meeee…we could haaaaave been haaappy together…!”

“we make sure they update their livejournal daily.”

“my girlfriend dumped me for the fifth time today.”

“my rifle, my pony, and me.”–awesome background country music


i’m no fan of gratuitous “revolutionary” iconography, but i like the jazzy azn way these are kitsched up, intentionally or not:

…and with Google’s own “Engrish This Page” machine-translation goodness:

it’s kind of psychedelic in its own way, don’t you think?

(both the Ts and the translation)

my faves:

and by O.R. we mean overrun also known as overflow, of the integer variety. spent a while wondering why my java program was producing negative numbers via multiplication and division of strictly positive numbers. as far as i can tell, java simply does not check for integer overflow. had to convert everything into BigDecimal and BigInteger then back to .doubleValue() for it all to work without throwing up exceptions or error messages. JUST WORK, DAMMIT!!!

this looks cool. due to school, i might have to skip out on the schmoozefests with the apostrophe’d “DJ’s” (not DJs). they’re bound to be full of converse upon converse of hipsters, anyway. but once finals are done and on a morning when the pitter-patter of chucks is gone off to sleep off the katzenjammers, i think it’ll be high time to take in some of what looks to be a promising show. check it, folks.

(and i didn’t even use the word OBEY anywhere in the write-up above. how about that.)

i don’t know much about ithaca. i’ve lived there for all of august 2006 and it seems in some ways progressive and in many ways sleepy. most indie bands know better than to ignore this not-quite-post-hippie place, and it has a world-class university with a lot of money to bring from the outside what can’t be had locally. but otherwise… Bring Your Own Happiness.

i’m moving there in january, which i’m told is a bleak month in the middle of nowhere upstate new york. i’m also told that people lose their minds due to the isolation just like jack nicholson in the shining, or at least they turn to alcoholism to drown out the boredom.

but i don’t care. i never drink to get wasted, and i never get bored. i always slip in a flask of my own happiness wherever i go. and there are no better reasons in the world for me to move there than the reasons i have. in fact, not only am i looking forward to it, the thought of making ithaca a home puts a grin on my face so wide that it makes my ears tickle. call me an optimist. call me a fool on east hill.

in tune with this delusional elation, CBC Radio 1 Vancouver plied me with sonic heaven today while i walked down Commercial Drive bundled up in a thick fuzzy blanket of unorthodox snow. i had to stop in my tracks, all breathless with anticipation of the quiet, intense warmth of the happiness i am about to nestle into in the centrally isolated city of Ithaca, NY.

clearly this video is set in a small marine town (prob. italian, note a street sign with the word “calle” on it), so it fit both the future nostalgia i feel about vancouver-by-the-ocean as well as the pre-emptive glee i feel about me and mi querida in ithaca-soporifica-on-the-lake.

[UPDATE: as per Music Snobbery‘s interview with the artist, it’s Valencia, Spain, roughly the size of Vancouver, with some clearly bucholic Dundarave- or Steveston- or White Rock-like nooks and crannies, and centrally located twixt Madrid, Barcelona and Eivissa]

in any case, this is my new quiet ithaca anthem.

it’s on Nettwerk, it’s called Quiet Town, and it’s by Josh Rouse. if you’re at all into Nick Drake, Seu Jorge, Elliott Smith, Fredo Viola, The Carrie Birds, or even tangentially Salt/Po’ Girl/The Be Good Tanyas

Xi at God's Window

to elaborate for those of you freshly arrived here from the Ithaca Missed Connections

i have adored L for almost two years now, ever since we met in a discussion course. at the time, i decided to follow someone’s excellent advice from the futurepost hoc ergo propter hoc–and i fired up the appropriate neuron(e)s to a dreamy, delirious, feverish pitch (or did my inner Valentino Braitenberg do it for me?), and worked up the never-nerve to breach the all-too-familiar stranger barrier of the familar-stranger phenomenon.

“you! who are you and why are we not friends?” )

here’s to many more years of being stuck with each other, love.

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