a few too few fleeting, melting moments of joy necessitate a Facebook status change:

Martin can’t sleep… late night minds filled with wide-open raven eyes, and the deafening sound of freshly fallen snow. 12:35am

…then the MSN starts talking to me…

MAGENTA: beautiful fluffy diamonds falling from the sky

MARTIN: doing silent clink clink clink on my eardrums

MAGENTA: cold heat crunching under my soles

MARTIN: crispy crunch wheetabix flake blanket

MAGENTA: touches my tongue all sweet like

MARTIN: honey comb
all same
all different
tongue tingle

MAGENTA: tastes like vanilla but not
more like lemon with sugar—white sugar

MARTIN: the squeak of icing sugar underfoot
the taste of watermelon icecubes on the tongue

MAGENTA: lovely when it goes like that, she says
hum in my ear again

MARTIN: mmmm-mmmmm
the breath freezes into icicle notes
and the warm womb of an avalanche

MAGENTA: i like that song, walk more more

MARTIN: the feather foot thumps a powdery rhythm
gliding along a silent side street
lit by reflection alone

MAGENTA: your hand on my neck gives rest and i kiss your mouth
taste snow
and walk your reflection home

MARTIN: perchance to sleep
under cover
blood-filled lips mouthing words
of tender tales
and sweet dreams