This isn’t so much le dernier cris in abolishing l’ancien régime of the so-called “free” press (considered by everyone to be controlled by their enemies), as it is strained verbal vomitoriæ of sorts (only the best chunks!).  Sometimes a repost, sometimes a riposte. A dissenting deserter’s diurnal, just-desserts-in-the-desert, enteric/dysenteric mis-digest, if you catch my waft.  Hectic dialogic multilectics. Bloody ornery observatoriæ, if you will.  A priori apophenic semiaspie adoxography.  Blecch.

Essentially, for a year or two a man named Greg Paulhus once ran (along with his minions at the University of Saskatchewan’s The Sheaf newspaperag) a mockery of a travesty of a sham of two travesties of a mockery of a column.  It was based conceptually sort of on Michael Kesterton’s awesome weekday column called Social Studies.  His column was found on the back of the weekday edition of–let us call a snake-on-a-plane spade a snake-on-a-plane spade here–The Toronto Globe & Mail fishwrap.  Section A, back page. 

The Sheaf appropriated the tabular format wholesale, twisted the content into something…well…twisted, and called it Asocial Studies.  Some eight years ago, I asked Greg for his permission to use the name as a domain name for a proto-blog.  I ran it, hand-coded HTML and all, for a year or two.  Don’t remember.  STOP.  Stopped updating.  STOP.  Life interfered.  STOP.  Area man regrets not updating his blog every day for eight years.  Something like that.

Anyway, Jocelle and Tyler have bugged me and I figure what the hell, why bother with a captive audience of the email and IM world, when I can just post into the crickets-and-tumbleweedblogosphere.  Where the sum total of 3 eyes will see it (eyepatch-wearers welcome!).

3 Responses to “əwt & əbəwt”

  1. Lauren Says:

    TORONTO Globe and Mail! TORONTO Globe and Mail! They have a BC Section, man!!!! They have a BC edition with VANCOUVER weather on the front fucking page!!!

    *outraged* *scandalized*

  2. I love you, Lauren. I love how you get so excitedly frothy at the foodmouth and how you must, simply must point out their token section as proof positive that they are not a Tranna-centric fishwrap. :)

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