December 2006

an IM convo:

s.: hey martin

me: what’s up

s.: here’s some poems i found somewhere, you said you were into poetry and stuff

me: ok, reading…these are pretty cool

s.: i should think of an actual title though…

martin: busted!

s.: uh, you know, to help the author out and stuff.


is that a fact?

not unlike this 23-page invective, the killer’s note was lucid, but his actions catathymic: an anti-feminism issue, a mental health issue, and a gun-ownership issue all rolled into one.

on 6 december, what better commemorative shirt to wear than an ironically post-modern, “comedy=tragedy+time” t-shirt design:

mixing a bit of the 40s with a twist of the 80s, threadless wants you to defy darwin and pay a visit to an army base today. wearing a shirt that says: “i remember”.

you might be able to distract them with a DVD of 1941, but no guarantees.

just how big is this marina?

click on pic and zoom out.
and out.
and out.

from an reviews page:

i haven’t laughed so much at online reviews since… well, since the milk-nose howl of the londonian wolf-shirt reviews.

now i got Tusk—my fave Fleetwood Mac track—stuck in my head like Stealing Beauty.