i went to the theatre to see An Inconvenient Truth with someone who just doesn’t like Gore and his politics.  she spent the entire movie huffing and puffing about him, totally ignoring the content.  all the actual content of the movie was made irrelevant to her by her image of him as someone with a political agenda she didn’t like as a whole.

eventually i gave up on trying to convince her otherwise (even though she clearly couldn’t explain her irrationality away).  but she made me think about what it must look like from her end, and what it would take to break through that to actually be able to communicate instead of taking up trench positions and sniping.  suffice it to say, i think it would take some kind of paradigm shift in rhetoric that i’m not sure humans are capable of in their current state of enlightenment.

and the Nobel prize… i don’t think it is going to do anything more than make the choir even more moist in the loins about their fave preacher.

i fear to check out the flamewars on Fark about this topic.  i actually want to get some work done today.